Terapong Sudthisaard

Graphic Designer

My name Terapong Sudthisaard in Sanskrit means a master of combining elements such as earth, fire, wind, water, and gold. When I design I am one who combines a chemistry of ideas with a creative process.  

The design ideas and the creative processes began when I studied at the art university in Bangkok. I expressed my ideas and imagination on a canvas using an array of colors. After graduation, I worked for a magazine to be a graphic designer. Over has reinforced my belief that great design comes from an explosion of ideas with the creative design process.

I love to learn and aspire to be a professional graphic designer. I have been fortunate to study graphic design in San Francisco, a city of design innovation. The design projects from school expand my capability of design to digitals platforms like Web Design, Application, UX and UI, and motion graphics. Furthermore, I am exploring a new chemistry of ideas and creative process along with a team or individuals to come up with innovative design solutions.