The New DMC Logo

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Anatomy of The New DMC Logo


Brand Identity

Brand Investigation


Business Systems


Brand Extension - Car Vacuums

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Brand Extension - Car Covers

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Project Description

The Nature of Identity focuses on visually and verbally understanding identity and branding as they relate to a variety of businesses and their organizational structures. Students investigate the personality, identity, and substance of these businesses through the creation and execution of brand and identity programs.


Project Concept

I investigated of several brands and finally chose the DeLorean Motor Company (DMC), the motor manufacturer who created the car in “The Back to The Future” movie.   

A concept of the new DMC is that its electric car is for the average citizen who can afford it. The electric car is a choice for people who need to reduce their gas expense. My mission is to convince people that the DMC car is dependable and affordable, and is created for the average citizen. The concept affects the new DMC visual system to use white and blue, and thin lines to create a new The DMC logo, a new The DMC packaging, and a new The DMC business system.