Graphic in Motion

Project 1 : Logo In Motion - The Exploratorium Museum


Project 2 : Quote In Motion - "Man in Black" Johnny Cash


Project 3 : Where are you?


Project Description

Typography in Motion is a class which teaches motion graphics, focusing on idea creation. It includes three projects. Project one is logo in motion, project two is quote in motion, and project three is themed "Where Are You?" Project three focuses on telling a story with a sequence of events, similar to a short film.  


Project Concept

Pro. one: Chemistry is the keyword in this project. I use chemistry to explain The Exploratorium logo because The Exploratorium Museum is a science museum that exhibits various scientific processes like a chemistry lab. I took inspiration from a chemistry chart at the museum for my use of line, font, and chart alignment to represent my concept of The Exploratorium logo.  


Pro. two: Proud of sadness is a concept from my interpretation of Johnny Cash's lyrics in  Man in Black in 1971. The concept of sadness is shown in my design through dull colors. Johnny Cash is a country artist, so I picked a typeface from Johnny Cash’s album cover that referred to country music in 70’s. The video shows a moment of folding an American flag at a funeral. I changed the color of the U.S. flag to dull colors and played with type along the stripes of the flag to tell people that life is unexpected.  


Pro. three: Finding is a keyword in project three. This video depicts a woman and her dog finding a way to get back together. I used two screens to show two visions from the woman's eyes and the dog' eyes. The top screen shows human vision in color and the bottom shows a dog’s vision in black and white. Type and graphic spray on the top left corners of the two screens to show the directions of their vision and the emotions they are experiencing.