Thesis Project

Aida-The Personalized AI

In the near future, machine (artificial intelligence) can learn human's emotions like Google uses digital information for marketing and advertisement. I see an opportunity for AI's intelligence to access digital emotional information to help people manage their life by showing a pattern of recognition of their happiness. My mission is to establish a mood pattern recognition for happiness and people can use that to manage their life to be happier with AI's capability.

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Original of The Name Aida

Aida is the name of the service that serves emotional aids. Aida combines three words artificial intelligence, aid and Da and that is a my sister's name. My sister Da supported my emotion problems when I lost my dad in 2015.

Aida will be a personalized AI who support the user's emotions like my sister did for me.


Aida's Services

Track and display moods on the fly

Digital Catalog

Aida collects digital emotions by using wearable jewelry and an app. For wearable, Aida uses a smart ring to track biometric data using galvanic skin response (GSR) sensor to measure heart rate, heart rate variability and skin vibration. Then the Aida application tracks lifestyle data including social media, digital subscriber, and all digital footprints.

Aida Website

Next, Aida uses her intelligence to compare and map biometric data and lifestyle data to be emotional data. The millions of emotional data points are added to Aida's cloud creating a digital archive. Aida establishes mood patterns that explain states of mind. Users can look back to see their mood over weeks, months, and years to learn about themselves via Aida app and Website. 


Mood Prescription

Aida is a personalized AI; she can look and feel of a user. She can predict users' mood from emotional data that it helps her to offer and suggest an activity or an event to maintain and treat users' mood well.


Moods through environment

Aida does not limit her suggestion on screen. Aida is concerned about the environment that surrounds users. Aida will use emotional data set a room environment and entertainment such as lighting, sound, movies, temperature and more via Aida smart home. Aida smart home is a smart home product that displays moods to maintaining good mental health. Aida smart home can connect to other smart home products such as Google home, Amazon Echo, Nest, and others. 


Aida's Products

Aida App

Mood Timeline

Aida Smart Ring

Aida Smart Home